Czech Philanthropists Meeting

On September 9, 2020, a group of leading Czech philanthropists met for an event at the Lobkowicz Palace in Prague Castle. The aim of the event, which was organized by the Via Clarita Endowment Fund, was to share the recent activities of various patrons and further cultivate philanthropic activity in the Czech Republic. Though the theme of the event was specifically related to philanthropy during the coronavirus pandemic, other non-profit areas and long-term projects were also discussed.

The event was hosted by members of the Lobkowicz family, who have a long history of philanthropy in the fields of art, education and social responsibility. “Philanthropy is the basis of all our work,” said William Lobkowicz. “We do not think about our mission and goals in the context of one time period, nor do we focus on whether or not we are immediately successful. Our family’s work spans 700 years, and we want to impart this sense of longevity to our children.” The Lobkowicz family plans to host similar events in the near future, and hopes to make the Lobkowicz Palace available as a meeting place for everyone with an interest in philanthropy.

Photos by Ivan Svoboda