Our Heritage Sites

This 16th-century palace boasts a breathtaking panoramic view that enhances the unique, cultural experiences housed within: The Lobkowicz Collections and museum, classical music concerts, restaurant & café, museum shop, and elegant event rooms.

One of Bohemia’s finest Renaissance castles, this 16th-century estate is perched above the Vltava River, 35 km from Prague. It features a permanent exhibition, gift shop, festivals, surrounding gardens, and elegant, Italian-inspired architecture. 

Built upon a 12th-century Romanesque fortress, this Baroque castle with more than 200 rooms is perched above the Elbe River, 50 km from Prague. It historically served as the princely and ducal seat of the Lobkowicz family until its confiscation by the Nazis, and is also home to the award-winning Zámek Lobkowicz Roudnice winery.

Built in 1316 and perched above the Elbe River, this Gothic fortress-like ruin is one of North Bohemia’s most visited cultural monuments. Goethe declared its spectacular vistas as some of the most beautiful in Central Europe. 

Zámek Lobkowicz Roudnice winery produces and sells high-quality wine using traditional methods developed over four centuries.

Antonín Dvořák Birth House

The Baroque birth house of world-renowned Czech composer Antonín  Dvořák remains an important destination for music lovers, capturing the sights and sounds that inspired his extraordinary musical repertoire.