Classical Music Concerts

Complete your visit to the Lobkowicz Palace with a classical music concert.

Classical Music Concerts are held at the Lobkowcicz Palace every day from 13:00 to 14:00.  


Works by the great Baroque composers, Bach and Vivaldi; the champions of the classical style, Mozart and Beethoven; and the great 19th-century Czech composers, Dvořák and Smetana, are performed by an accomplished trio consisting of flute, violin, and piano: 


  • J. S. Bach: Badinerie
  • A. Vivaldi: Allegro
  • Philipp Hyacinth Lobkowicz: Suite in C major
  • W. A. Mozart: Turkische Marsch
  • Ch. W. Gluck: Pizzicato
  • L. van Beethoven: For Elise
  • J. J. Benda: Grave
  • F. Schubert: Marche Militaire
  • Piéce for Flute solo
  • C. Debussy: The Girl with the flaxen hair
  • C. Debussy: Danse bohémienne
  • A. Dvořák: Valse
  • B. Smetana: Vltava
  • B. Smetana: Polka