Lobkowicz Palace

Visitors can look forward to an exhibition titled ‘Portrait in Music’. Czech architects Martin Hrdina and Michal Pavlík redesigned two rooms into the shape of a Baroque guitar, creating the impression of walking through a musical instrument. The inclusion of audio-visual technology brings an interactive element to the galleries. For example, visitors can get lost in the music of Beethoven streaming from one of the sound showers, surrounded by portraits of musical luminaries and Lobkowicz family members. The new exhibition is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00.

Thursday, September 26 | Spotlight: The Year of Czech Music (lecture in Czech)

Nelahozeves Castle

A day spent at Nelahozeves Castle brings a lifetime of memories. A quick 30-minute train ride from Prague’s Masaryk train station transports happy visitors far from the congested, tourist laden streets of Prague to the charming and historic renaissance splendor of the Lobkowicz country estate. Here visitors will be treated to an authentic taste of Bohemian holiday traditions.

Sunday, September 8 Music Festival Dvořákova Nelahozeves
Saturday, October 10 Pumpkin Day
Saturday, December 7 and Sunday, December 8 | Advent Festival

Střekov Castle

This majestic castle Střekov stands 100 meters above the river Elbe in northern Bohemia. Střekov is a romantic place which you’ll love from your first visit. The castle is a great place for different types of events, including Sunday fairy tales for children. The most important festival is “Střekovské hudební léto” (Střekov Musical Summer), where you can listen to different musical genres on the upper terrace.