Střekov Castle

Built in 1316 and perched above the Elbe River, this Gothic fortress-like ruin is one of North Bohemia’s most visited cultural monuments. Goethe declared its spectacular vistas as some of the most beautiful in Central Europe. 

Střekov Castle will re-open again on March 25, 2023.


Explore the Romantic fortress with its still-intact Knight’s Hall and Gothic tower. Tour the historical exhibition that includes reproductions of guns and knights' armor and drawings and pictures of the property.

Built in the
14th century

A landmark of European Romanticism

Breathtaking vistas overlooking the Elbe River


The history of this preserved Gothic ruin dates to the early 14th century and guarded an important trade route to Germany.

Food & Drink

There are two restaurants at Střekov Castle: Kovárna and Wágnerka. Kovárna is housed within the original blacksmith's workshop of the castle located at the entrance gate. You can also dine at the top of the castle at Wágnerka, overlooking a beautiful panoramic view above the Elbe River. 
Currently only Wágnerka Restaurant is open.


Throughout the year, Střekov Castle hosts many special events, including its popular music and wine festivals.



Na Zacházce 844,
400 03 Ústí n. L.
Czech Republic