Rare Miniature Portraits Presented for the First Time
to Public in the Lobkowicz Palace  

September 1, 2023 – April 2, 2024

Next to the renowned painting gallery, the Lobkowicz Collection also holds a set of 70 miniature portraits. The most ancient part of this collection is a group of unique Renaissance and early Baroque miniatures. Just a very small part of this collection has been surveyed by art historians and restorers so far. The results of this previous research brought both new findings and new questions. The Lobkowicz Collections thus plan to undertake further and more detailed research of this precious set. This exhibition offers a rare glimpse of these hidden treasures to the public for the first time via a few specially selected examples.

In the permanent exhibition at the Lobkowicz Palace you can see miniature portraits of Zdenko Adalbert Popel (1568–1628), who become 1st Prince Lobkowicz in 1624 and his wife Polyxena, born Pernstein (1566–1642), as well as the remarkable miniature of their relative, High Chamberlain Christoph Popel of Lobkowicz (1549–1609) created by Hans von Aachen (1552–1615).

This temporary exhibition, open to public from September to December 2023, will present many unique miniature portraits, including miniatures of the only son of Zdenko and Polyxena, Wenzel Eusebius (1609–1677) at different stages in his life; pictures of his first and second wives; and miniatures of some of the Pernstein relatives of Polyxena. 

Exhibition  is open from September 1, 2023 to April 2, 2024 and is part of the permanent tour of the Lobkowicz Palace Museum in Prague Castle. 

Curator: Soňa Černocká