One of the main priorities of Lobkowicz Collections o. p. s. is to forge bonds between The Lobkowicz Collections, individuals, and scholars interested in history and the arts. The principle way in which we seek to cultivate these relationships is through the organization of seminars, internships, research opportunities and student-focused educational programs. It is the hope of Lobkowicz Collections o. p. s. that the experiences offered through its programs will not only enrich the lives of participants but also further advance knowledge of The Lobkowicz Collections in the world. 

Scholarly Research

Lobkowicz Collections o. p. s. is dedicated to opening its properties, museums, The Lobkowicz Library and The Lobkowicz Archives to scholars who are undertaking in-depth research projects. The organization recognizes the contributions these scholars make to fields such as history, art history, art conservation and musical studies and welcomes researchers from around the world to advance the knowledge and understanding of history and culture. Access to the properties, objects and especially the archives has been a critical part of numerous scholarly publications. Due to limited resources, we are only able to accommodate a limited number of requests per year. To submit a study request please fill out the form below.

New Covid-19 Precautions

*These rules are valid from 1 June 2020 until further notice, when limited research access is possible through personal visits to study rooms and other assigned areas.

  1. Before entering the Study Room, the clients must wash their hands with disinfectant.
  2. All persons in the Study Room must have their own mask or respirator. When studying archives, it is necessary to use your own gloves.
  3. Before submitting the material for study, the researchers will sign the following statement: "To my knowledge, I declare that I am not ill with COVID-19, I should not be in quarantine and I am not exhibiting any of the symptoms of this disease. I will observe the hygienic principles of the study of library and archive funds of the Lobkowicz Collections."

Scholar's Residence

Thanks to the exceptional leadership and support from our donors, the Rectory, built in 1927, at Nelahozeves, has opened its doors to visiting scholars and students. The Rectory is able to accomodate up to fifteen scholars or students in incredibly comfortable accommodations overlooking the beautiful Vltava River.