Lobkowicz Collections Membership is a unique opportunity to connect and deeply engage local and international audiences around the initiatives and programs of the Lobkowicz Collections.  With a commitment to increase access and awareness of the Collections, we strive to stimulate interest, enrich understanding, and foster memorable experiences to cultivate a vibrant membership community—one that recognizes the enduring value of cultural heritage and bridging the past with the future. We are dedicated to building a strong ongoing relationship with members and return their support with special programming, exclusive digital and in-person access, free entry, and more. The generosity and support of Members and Patrons allows us to further our mission to preserve, study, and share the Lobkowicz Collections with the world.

Join Us

We offer six membership levels with unique benefits. Year-long membership can also be purchased in-person at any of our historical Lobkowicz sites or as a gift voucher. 

Individual Membership Options

Lobkowicz Individual

Full - 60 EUR annually | 1 card
Students / Seniors - 17 EUR annually | 1 card


  • Welcome package
  • 10% discount at all on-site shops, Lobkowicz Palace Café
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  • Family Circle

    95 EUR annually | 2 + 2 cards


  • Free entry to 2 Lobkowicz Festivals at Nelahozeves
  • Children’s programs (1x per year)
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  • Lobkowicz Patron

    950 EUR annually | 1 + 1 cards


  • Free entry to classical music concerts
  • Annual thank-you cocktail event with a member of the Lobkowicz Family
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  • Teachers’ Circle

    30 EUR annually | 1 card


  • Lobkowicz Collections Spotlight Series (4x per year at Lobkowicz Palace)
  • Special guest lecture about the collections
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  • Corporate Membership Options

    Lobkowicz Corporate Partner

    2 280 EUR annually | 6 cards issued


  • Annual thank-you cocktail event with a member of the Lobkowicz Family / 1 person per card
  • Free venue rental for one event/meeting at Nelahozeves Castle (1x per year, 30 people max)
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  • Lobkowicz Corporate Patron

    6 850 EUR annually | 10 cards issued


  • Top management offsite/company outing at Scholar’s Residence at Nelahozeves Castle (1 night)
  • Free venue rental for one event/meeting at Lobkowicz Palace (1x per year, 60 people max)
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  • For questions and inquiries, please contact us at