Lobkowicz Roudnice

Founded in 1603, Lobkowicz Roudnice winery has a long history of wine production in the northernmost region of the Czech Republic. Originally dwelling in the castle’s historic, Romanesque cellars, it continues to produce award-winning wine, maintaining traditional methods built over centuries. The winery offers tours and wine tastings by appointment.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 07:00–14:30
Wednesday, Friday: 6:00–13:30
Saturday–Sunday: Closed

Monday–Thursday: Closed
Friday: 14:00–⁠19:00
Saturday: 11:00–19:00
Sunday: 11:00–⁠19:00
In the event of bad weather, the pavilion may be closed.


The Lobkowicz family has been cultivating its ancestral vineyards in the Roudnice region of Bohemia since 1603. Building upon its long history and wine-making traditions, the Roudnice Castle winery continues to produce high-quality wines and award-winning labels. 

Wine Pavilion

Adjacent to the winery, the outdoor pavilion offers a wide selection of wines for sale and tastings. Visitors can also enjoy delicious refreshments, live music, farmers markets, and other special events.

Přípitek z Roudnice Wine Shop

Přípitek z Roudnice is a modern wine shop in the heart of Karlín with a complete selection of wines from the Lobkowicz Roudnice winery in Roudnice nad Labem. 

Wine Shop

Browse from a wide selection of wines—from mineral varietals like Riesling and Müller Thurgau to signature reds like Pinot Noir, Saint Laurent, and the new Czech variety Fratava, which are fermented in traditional open vats and matured in oak barrels. 




Zámek 1
413 01 Roudnice n. L.
Czech Republic