Dvořák and Nelahozeves

Antonín Dvořák’s Birth House dates to the late 16th century and served as a local tavern, which was the heart of the village of Nelahozeves. Born here in 1841, Antonín Dvořák was the oldest of nine children born to Anna and František Dvořák. His father, who also entertained guests with his zither-playing, was the village butcher and tavern keeper. In 1842, a major fire broke out that destroyed part of the building. The house was soon rebuilt, followed by later additions that closely resemble its present-day structure.

Music was always present in the everyday life of the community, and the young Dvořák was exposed to many sounds that eventually made their way into his music, from the town's folk music to dance music resounding in the dance hall at the inn. Despite his many travels and international fame, Dvořák’s music remained deeply rooted in his beloved Bohemian homeland.