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Limited supply of Dvorak Restoration Series available for sale on OpenSea.
Matthew Stone’s A Cabinet of Curiosities displayed on viewable and Alexa Meade’s After Cranach viewable on Opensea.


The Lobkowicz Collections commissioned these NFTs to bring to light qualities of their art that cannot be experienced without the aid of digital tools. Instead of displaying digitized copies of pieces from the Collections, the focus of this series is placed on the stories that can be told around the artwork referenced in each NFT. Alluding to the broader goals of the Collections, these NFTs demonstrate how research and restoration are an opportunity to uncover new stories that allow viewers to develop a closer relationship to and a greater understanding of the artwork. Digital tools can be used to highlight overlooked artists by reimagining their work and emphasize the challenges of cultural preservation. This exhibit breathes new life and meaning into stories from the past to create the stories of the future.



Conservation and restoration are essential for safeguarding cultural heritage for current and future generations. Inspired by philanthropic NFT initiatives, the Lobkowicz Collections decided to use NFTs as a tool to support specific conservation needs. This series highlights three projects in the Collections that require immediate attention. These NFTs will have utility beyond the digital world and will directly finance the restoration of physical pieces, allowing a broader base of patrons to participate in cultural preservation. Holders of each NFT will receive their restored artwork as an additional NFT once its restoration is complete.



Museums encourage visitors to draw on ideas from the past to create the future. The Lobkowicz Collections commissioned two leading contemporary artists to create new works that draw inspiration directly from the Collections. The featured works demonstrate how creators can harness their curiosity about the past to make thoughtful connections between historical works of art and their own creative pursuits. In doing so, they not only participate in the ongoing narrative of art history, but also revitalize the sources of their inspiration. Viewers are invited to contemplate the relationship between old world cultural heritage and contemporary forms of expression. These include works created by Matthew Stone’s Cabinet of Curiosities (After Cornelis de Baellieur) and the artist collective Obvious’s Atlas φ and Atlas λ.


The Lobkowicz Collections have been fortunate enough to cultivate relationships with contemporary artists exploring NFTs. The following pieces were displayed at Lobkowicz Palace at Non-Fungible Castle 2021 alongside the other pieces in this auction. The include works such as Alexa Meade’s After Cranach, and Jan Kovarik sculpture untitled.