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Střekov Castle

This majestic castle Střekov stands 100 meters above the river Elbe in northern Bohemia. Střekov is a romantic place which you’ll love from your first visit. The castle is a great place for different types of events, including Sunday fairy tales for children. The most important festival is “Střekovské hudební léto” (Střekov Musical Summer), where you can listen to different musical genres on the upper terrace.

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Castle Season Opening

March 23rd, 2019

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  • 10:00 - Children’s Show

  • 12:00 - Battle of the Frateris ameris

  • 14:00 - Attack of the Mama Sheep

  • 16:00 - The happy jelly donut strikes again


Upcoming Events in 2019

  • Castle Season Opening - March 23rd

  • Fairytale Sunday - April 21st

  • Útelek Fest - May 10th and 11th

  • Children’s Day - May 26th

  • Fairytale Sunday - June 23rd, August 25th

  • Za Tumanom - Bardish songs festival - June 28th - 30th

  • Summer Music Series - July 12th, 26th, August 23rd

  • 700 Years Overlooking the Water - September 1st

  • Ceremonial Closure of the 2019 Season - October 10th

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