Maximilian Lobkowicz, A Diplomat in the Service of Czechoslovakia

Temporary Exhibition “Maximilian Lobkowicz, A Diplomat in the Service of Czechoslovakia”

From 8 November 2018 until 31 January 2018, Lobkowicz Palace


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Czechoslovakia (28 October 1918), a special exhibition entitled Maximilian Lobkowicz, A Diplomat in the Service of Czechoslovakia will be presented in The Lobkowicz Palace.

The exhibition will focus on Maximilian Lobkowicz (1888 – 1967), a diplomat in service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czechoslovakia in 1920–1948. The most important part of his career was his engagement as Ambassador of Czechoslovakia in the anti-Fascist Czechoslovak government-in-exile (Provisional Government of Czechoslovakia) established in London during WW2. Max left the Czechoslovak diplomatic service and went into exile after the Communist coup in post-war Czechoslovakia in 1948.


The exhibition will present selected unpublished documents and photographs related to the career and active part of Maxmilian Lobkowicz’s engagement in the Czechoslovakian diplomatic service.

The entrance to the temporary exhibition is included in regular ticket rates of the Lobkowicz Palace Museum. The price for the temporary exhibition only is 50 CZK.

William Lobkowicz