House of Lobkowicz


This 16th century palace boasts a breathtaking panoramic view that enhances the unique, cultural experiences housed within: The Collections, concerts, café and elegant event rooms.


This 16th century Renaissance estate is located high above the Vltava River, 35 km from Prague. Combining the history of a historic Bohemian noble family and cultural heritage of one of Central Europe’s most important art collections.


Built upon the foundation of a 12th century Romanesque fortress, this 250-room Baroque castle served as the Princely seat of the Lobkowicz family until its confiscation by the Nazis. It’s also home to the award winning Lobkowicz Winery.


Built in 1316 it remains one of North Bohemia’s most visited cultural monuments. See the spectacular view Goethe described as “one of the most beautiful in Central Europe” while you tour the fortress ruins.


A Message from the Family


Our family's return to Czechoslovakia after the 1989 Velvet Revolution was inspired by the seismic world events of that remarkable November.

The call of our lost heritage was urgent and compelling, as was the chance to participate directly in the historic changes taking place in what had been our ancestral home for nearly seven centuries. This was made possible in part by the passage of a series of restitution laws under the inspired leadership of President Vaclav Havel soon after our return in 1990.

Since that moment, we have been fully committed to our dual goals: to restore the family's cultural heritage through the restitution process (an effort now successfully complete) and to make the Lobkowicz Collections and properties available for public enjoyment and scholarly enrichment.

The injustices endured by the confiscations under the Nazi and communist regimes are behind us. We feel very strongly that our family owes future generations our uncompromising efforts to carry out our mission. From the very beginning, we have characterized our role as managers and custodians of the Collections, establishing non-profit entities to enhance our efforts. As managers, we created concepts, business plans and organizational structures to establish physical and financial foundations for support. As custodians, we developed programming and exhibitions, membership programs and friends organizations to be our pillars in all aspects of educational and cultural outreach.

We feel we have an unprecedented, historical opportunity. Rather than just preserving, we are actively transforming the Collections into an expanded, dynamic and contextual cultural heritage. Through creative stewardship, spirited public-private partnerships and visionary benefactors, we believe we can deliver a truly inspiring connection and lasting contribution to world culture and a civil society. The culmination of our efforts will be to establish The Lobkowicz Library & Study Center and Dvořák House & Music Academy at Nelahozeves Castle.

We encourage you to join us on this journey by supporting the initiatives, projects and programs of the Lobkowicz Collections.

Alexandra and William Lobkowicz