Restoration of the Chinese Belvedere in Lobkowicz Palace

We have completed the restoration of the Chinese Belvedere in the Lobkowicz Palace. During the restoration, which started at the end of March and was completed at the end of July, all minor and major damages were repaired, and the windows were replaced. All painted surfaces were properly cleaned, missing layers of pigment retouched, and any elements in need of repair fixed, to ensure its future preservation.

The Chinese Belvedere is lavishly painted with scenes referencing ancient East Asian art in Art Nouveau style. Framed with reliefs, the elaborate ceiling is defined by a central oval representing the sky, which is surrounded by decorative motifs. Branches with blossoms, birds, and butterflies mingle with Bohemian floral Renaissance patterns. The walls are clearly divided into two parts. Defined by its sky-blue background, the upper half is adorned with garden pavilions, plants, birds, and streams. The lighter, bottom half depicts whimsical European interpretations of themes inspired by East Asian art.

Around 1906, oil-tempera wall painting
(Selection of photos)