School Programs

The rich history of Nelahozeves Castle makes it a perfect location for interesting and unique educational programs for children. We use the castle, its surroundings and items from The Lobkowicz Collections as tools to enhance school curriculums.

Educational Programs at Nelahozeves Castle

“By the Bench There Stood an Infant:” Erben and Dvořák's Polednice (The Noon Witch)

This poetic verse from “Polednice” by Czech poet and folklorist Karel Jaromír Erben inspired a symphonic rendition by the famous Czech composer, Antonín Dvořák. Elementary and middle school students can now enjoy a unique educational program exploring the verses of the work that united these two renowned characters. Students will listen to different parts of the symphonic poem and identify individual instruments representing its featured stories and characters. Students get to test their artistic skills. The aim of the program is to acquaint students with the work of Erben and Dvořák by offering a creative and interactive learning experience.

  • Target Group: Elementary and Middle School students
  • Program Duration: 90 minutes
  • Admission: 70 CZK per student
  • Capacity: 20-23 students.
  • Subject Areas: Literature, Poetry, Music, Art and Culture

Cabinet of Curiosities

Students have the unique opportunity to explore cabinets of curiosity — the Renaissance precursors to modern museums and art collections as we know them today. These cabinets included a wide array of rare and exotic objects, artifacts, and works of art that largely represented the natural wonders and oddities of the world. The Lobkowicz Collections holds some of these remarkable relics, enabling students to engage with pieces like “xylotheques” — a dendrological library of books containing wood specimens. Students will not only develop a deeper understanding of the history of these cabinets, but also create their own artistic interpretations of these treasure troves in a workshop.

  • Target Group: The program is adapted for both Elementary and Middle School students
  • Program Duration: 90 minutes
  • Admission: 120 CZK per student
  • Capacity: 20-25 students (requests for larger capacity must be pre-approved)  
  • Subject Areas: History, Art, Natural History

Please note that students are asked to bring their own materials for the workshop. You will receive more information upon booking.